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How to Get Bigger Biceps

Building Bigger Biceps

Biceps! Who doesn’t love ‘em? Biceps are one of the most noticeable traits of a well-built figure. Thus, they are one of the most heavily trained muscles of the human body. But just tossing around weights won’t get you ripped will it? No. It won’t. Sorry to say this, but doing hundreds of dumbbell curls will get you nothing but big veins. While doing that unfortunately will not lead to massive arms, I do know of a way to achieve those “balloon arms” you so desperately want. Read the rest of this article, and you will be a master of the biceps (with a little, or should I say, A LOT, of hard work). Check it out.

Anatomy of Biceps

The Biceps or Biceps Brachii as it is called in the science books, is located on the upper arm facing the same way as your eyes. It extends from the head of the forearm all the way to the shoulder. In order to get a proper workout, you need to use the right movements that will contract the muscle. The Biceps are contracted by bending your arm at the elbow toward your shoulders.

Exercises for Biceps

Okay, now for the fun part, the exercises! There are several exercises for the biceps, but I will give you the ones that I recommend.

Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls- These are very important because they work to develop the entire muscle. When seated, lean the bench back slightly to allow for maximum flexion. Have your arms hang loose straight down, and curl up one arm at a time up to your shoulder.

Standing EZ-Bar Curls- Who doesn’t like EZ-Bar Curls? These are great because they act just like barbell curls, but avoid the wrist problems that can occur. Focus on keeping your torso as still as possible and use your biceps to do the work.

Standing Cable Curls- These are just fun. Not only are they fun, the give a great pump, and allow you to lift heaver more safely.

Seated Preacher Curls- These really give you a good pump! They are done in a limited range of motion, because you should never lock your elbows or extend your arms all the way out when using the preacher pad, because this can lead to hyperextension and damage to the tendons in your arms. Rather, focus on holding the curl at the top of the motion for a good 3 seconds.

Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curls- Last one. Same thing as the Seated Curls, but you are standing up instead. Keep your torso still as possible. And also, keep the elbows in. This allows the biceps to do the work, not the shoulders. If you don’t keep your elbows in, you will strain your shoulders (deltoids) because the deltoids are what hold your arms out away from your body.

Like I said, these are only the ones that I prefer. You can do whatever works best for you, as long as you are doing it safely and working the muscle properly.


Like any weightlifting, there is risk involved. Now, that risk can be pretty minimal if proper technique is used. For example, when working biceps, try not to swing your body as that will result in a sore back and not as good of a pump on your biceps. Also, rest is huge. Without proper rest you will not be able to lift as much and you risk straining your muscles. If anything hurts (pain like joint pain, not muscle fatigue) you should cease the exercise and try something else. If it persists with that exercise as well, stop exercising that muscle and ice it after your workout. If you listen and take care of your muscles, they will take care of you.

Remember, with hard work and determination, anything is possible! Don’t give up and you will live the results!

Diet Pills That Work – Easy Ways To Shed Weight Safely To Get A Slender Body

Weight loss is a billion dollar business and there are thousands of weight loss products and supplements that come with outrageous claims of ensuring quick weight loss. However, most of such products can have severe side effects and can even result in irreparable internal damage.

Diet pills that work not only ensure quick weight loss but are also safe and free of side effects. Most of them are made with clinically proven ingredients and are recommended by experts.

Diet Pills That Work

These pills not only help increase your metabolism to ensure faster fat burning but also help reduce LDL or bad cholesterol in your body. This not only improves cardiac function but also plays a major role in increasing your energy levels.

Another important effect of such pills is that they can help reduce your appetite and curb hunger pangs. This makes you eat less and results in reduced calorie consumption. This is an important step towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Here are some of the Diet Pills That Work:

1. Phen375 – Phen375 is the best fat burner for losing weight quickly. It is one fat pill that is made in a FDA approved lab and can help you get a slimmer body sooner than later. It has helped many people lose weight to the tune of 3-5 lbs a week, when combined with proper diet and exercise. It not only ensures quick weight loss but can also do wonders for your stamina.

2. Capsiplex – Capsiplex is a completely natural formulation. It is made with capsicum extract as the main ingredient. Red pepper or capsicum extract contains compounds called capsaicin that are known to boost your metabolic rate by increasing your body temperature. This ensures that your body is able to burn fats faster resulting in weight loss. Capsiplex comes with a unique outer coating and beadlet design to make it extremely light on your system and prevent any kind of side effects. Many celebrities such as Nicola McClean and Roxanne Pellette are known to have used this supplement to ensure natural weight loss. The best way to Buy Capsiplex is from its official website.

3. Meratol is one of the most effective weight loss supplements that can help you lose weight fast and quick. It is made with all natural and clinically proven ingredients such as pirckly pear extract, cactus extract, brown seaweed extract and capsicum extract. It is a carb blocker that also acts as a fat burner and appetite suppressant. It can make you lose weight without any effort on your part. In simple words, it can make you lose weight even if you do not workout.

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