Do we have certified Hypoallergenic Pillows?

Over the last few years, people with allergies have grown wise to the usage of hypoallergenic bedding as a practical solution to inhibit allergens from making their presence felt. Several doctors and specialists in allergy also vouch by this as one of the most workable solutions to prevent allergy attacks.

By definition, hypoallergenic bedding is completely sealed from the outside and the inside, and that makes it almost impossible for the allergens and dust mites to settle in. The most they can get up to is to lie on the surface, and one ruffle of the bed sheets will make them fly away. The real reason why beddings spread allergies is because they allow for these mites and allergens to make the bedding their homes! So each night when we lie down, the allergens begin their work and by morning, all havoc is let loose. Changing the mattress is seldom a long term solution as a home susceptible to mites will again allow them to breed in the bedding, and the cycle begins again.

Hypoallergenic bedding allows for a long term solution as bedding sealed properly once, and made with materials which naturally resist the growth of these mites and allergens, will ensure that the user sleeps in comfort night after night.

But one common question people ask is whether there are any certified hypoallergenic pillows, and the question has a lot of merit! It is mattresses that usually are considered to be hubs of allergen growth, but we often forget that the easiest way for them to get inside our body is through our nose and mouth, and that makes our pillows much more dangerous! For sufferers of chronic allergies like asthma, it is the pillow which is their greatest enemy, and sealing a mattress is not going to be of complete use. Changing of pillow covers is a short term solution, as by the next couple of days, the allergens are back.

Article source : – Scooby Doo Bedding.
The best options in hypoallergenic pillows are offered by Smart Silk, and they have a unique patented process in the manufacture. Like the name suggests, the material of choice for the company is Silk, and there are innumerable benefits of using silk in our beddings – from being allergen resistant to controlling body temperature. Smart Silk pillows are made of a unique micro-gel and are silk lined to seal them off. It is a known fact that micro gel fibers offer the best level of comfort while sleeping, and the silk lining makes them hypoallergenic. This is a fact endorsed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, and the Asthma Society of Canada; and that means you can buy without thinking twice!

For people who prefer their own kinds of pillows, Smart Silk also has an option of a pillow cover which pretty much does the same thing as a pillow purchased from them – of being hypoallergenic. The cover seals off the pillow and adds a silk lining, which gives allows the user to have a much more peaceful sleep. The pillows also reduce neck and head sweat, and remain cooler – without being damp. That is yet another reason why you should make the change.

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